AirDeck Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

AirDeck Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

AirDeck Lifetime Deal

AirDeck revolutionizes document sharing by allowing you to incorporate audio and video into any PDF or presentation, enabling you to captivate and engage your audience effectively.

With AirDeck Lifetime Deal, you have the power to enhance your documents and presentations by adding audio or video narrations, providing clear guidance to viewers as they navigate through your content.

Recording narrations directly to each slide is a quick and convenient process, or you can upload pre-recorded files for greater control over production value.

To direct your audience’s attention effectively, AirDeck offers a laser pointer feature that allows you to highlight key elements on each page.

Improve the clarity of your presentations with voiceover narrations. Additionally, AirDeck streamlines the sharing process by allowing you to connect your email and social media accounts, making it easy to share your narrated presentations without the hassle of large file attachments.

With AirDeck, you can also create secure custom links, complete with options such as expiration dates, password protection, and login requirements, ensuring that your documents are shared securely.

Moreover, AirDeck provides the flexibility to display your content on any website, blog, or learning management system (LMS) by simply copying and pasting a unique embed code.

Efficiently share your decks with speed and security. AirDeck ltd provides real-time analytics, offering detailed insights into viewer engagement, including slide-by-slide analytics, view time, and heatmaps.

All your metrics are conveniently available on a single dashboard, enabling you to track views, contacts, surveys, and deck engagement effectively.

With geolocation support, AirDeck allows you to personalize your content based on the location of your audience.

Monitor the performance of your decks in real time. Additionally, AirDeck seamlessly integrates with your favorite apps and tools, empowering you to create compelling content that resonates with your target audience.

Embed videos from platforms like Vidyard, Vimeo, and YouTube directly into your presentations, eliminating the need for separate links and reuploads.

AirDeck supports over 100 file types, including videos, audio, images, and documents, enabling you to add flair and creativity to your presentations.

Furthermore, integration with HubSpot and Salesforce enhances audience tracking and streamlines your overall sales workflow.

Elevate your presentations with media uploads and seamless integrations. Delivering your message effectively relies on impactful delivery, and AirDeck simplifies the process of enhancing and securely sharing your presentations with video and audio narrations, all from a single, user-friendly platform.

AirDeck Features:

  • Money Back Guarantee- No Matter the reason.
  • 100+ document upload types supported
  • Unlimited audio and video recording uploads
  • Basic and advanced viewer analytics
  • Surveys and forms
  • Media and content library
  • Slide sorter
  • Move slides
  • Notifications (in-app, Slack, MS Teams, email)
  • Daily and weekly report notifications
  • Deck merging and deck transfers
  • Folders
  • User and team management with roles and permissions
  • 3 user(s)
  • Unlimited decks
  • Custom email shares
  • Deck collaboration
  • Team library and analytics
  • HubSpot and Salesforce integrations

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