Answerly Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Answerly Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Answerly Lifetime Deal

Introducing Answerly: Your 24/7 AI Chatbot for Exceptional Customer Support

Answerly stands as an AI chatbot that delves deep into the core of your business, crafting dynamic, human-like responses to cater to your customers round the clock.

With Answerly, you have the power to mold your AI chatbot into a subject matter expert capable of addressing a myriad of customer support queries.

Harness the ability to import online data directly from your website and knowledge base, allowing you to train your chatbot with your business’s unique information.

This versatile feature also enables you to import unpublished data from sources like Google Docs or PDFs, preparing your chatbot for internal use.

Effortless Chatbot Training Transform your AI chatbot into a subject matter expert with a few simple clicks. Answerly simplifies the process of updating your chatbot’s knowledge with morsels of information not present on your website or documents.

This means you can keep your chatbot informed about scheduled downtime or other issues, ensuring site visitors stay in the loop.

Moreover, you can enhance your chatbot’s capabilities by uploading screenshots of settings and features, complete with concise descriptions. This equips your chatbot with visual aids to share with customers.

Streamlined Customization Tailor the appearance of your AI chatbot effortlessly to harmonize with your website’s aesthetic. Answerly offers an array of customization options.

Add your logo and colors to the widget, seamlessly integrating it with the overall look and feel of your website.

Additionally, you can define the tone and personality of your AI chatbot, whether you prefer a humorous or a more serious approach, to enhance the customer experience.

Effortless Knowledge Enhancement Identify gaps in your information and provide concise answers directly within your dashboard to bolster your chatbot’s knowledge.

Answerly goes the extra mile by analyzing and pinpointing deficiencies in your information.

It identifies customer support questions that your chatbot cannot yet answer and allows you to promptly fill these gaps with short answers within your dashboard.

This eliminates the need to undergo the hassle of updating your source documents.

By implementing a chatbot that can address virtually any query, you can finally streamline your customer support operations and provide top-tier service.

Answerly Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Money Back Guarantee- No Matter the reason.
  • All widget settings
  • No Answerly branding
  • 5 chatbot(s)
  • 5 knowledge hub(s)
  • 5 seat(s)
  • 5 connected domain(s)
  • 6 months conversation history
  • 100 crawled webpages per import
  • 100 knowledge hub content amount
  • Import Google Docs and PDFs
  • knowledge hub discover

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