Autumn AI Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Autumn AI Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Autumn AI Lifetime Deal

Autumn connects with the tools you already use, leveraging AI to help you identify early signs of burnout and pick up on patterns like increasing meetings, less frequent 1:1s, or more messages on weekends, across your team.

And it’s not just data – Autumn helps you take action too!

Get 1:1 question prompts delivered before every 1:1, tailored to your team so you don’t have to wonder if you’re asking the right questions.

Team insights are delivered to you weekly and help your team feel connected with no extra effort (or another Zoom social) through fun and interactive weekly summaries in Slack.

On top of that, each member of your team gets a personal dashboard (private to them) with insights & recommendations so they can take action too!

Build team connection without another dreaded Zoom social or happy hour. Make Team calls feel more fun and less forced with interest insights and personal updates!

⚖️ For Managers: Shared 1:1 agendas – Receive a curated list of discussion prompts generated from your team’s weekly data, visible to you and your direct report.

Feel confident knowing you’re having the right conversations at the right time (proactively).

For Individual Contributors: Personalized 1:1 prompts – Forgot to prepare for your next one-on-one? Get what you need out of every call with discussion prompts tailored to your own data (visible to you only). Delivered directly to you in Slack.

No more templates, “100 one-on-one questions” listicles, or Google Docs. Just the right conversations at the right time.

Leverage AI to identify important trends across your team and identify potential issues sooner.

Autumn’s AI surfaces meaningfully patterns based on your team’s historical data – whether that’s increasing Slack messages on weekends, or more fragmented calendars.

No need to guess at whether a trend is good or bad – Autumn uses intelligent check-ins to get context directly how your team members are affected and why.

Autumn AI Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Money-back guarantee! Regardless of the reason.
  • 5 seats
  • Personal Burnout Risk Assessment
  • Slack integration
  • Automatic 1:1 topic generation
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Personal weekly summaries
  • Team weekly summaries
  • Team burnout assessment

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