DMARC Report Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

DMARC Report Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

DMARC Report Lifetime Deal

With DMARC Report, email domains will be protected against email fraud, and the compliance and deliverability of their emails will be improved when enterprise-level reporting is available.

This tool allows you to monitor email configurations for suspicious activity and stop an email from being sent to a non-compliant address before it reaches the inbox with DMARC Report.

The intuitive dashboard of this tool can provide you with a robust analytical overview of your client or business data and allows you to secure multiple domains.

In addition to safeguarding your outbound mail, you can also leverage strong filtering policies for inbound mail to protect your sender’s reputation as well.

The reporting dashboard provides an easy-to-use way to keep track of multiple domains using enterprise-level analytics.

DMARC failures in your domain will be tracked automatically by the platform by generating forensic data reports as well as aggregate reports of DMARC.

There may be a situation where suspicious activity is detected by DMARC Report and it will send threat alert notifications to anyone who needs to be notified about it.

In order to investigate the malicious IP address as well as to resolve security issues immediately, we will have access to incident details, email content, and email metadata.

As you will have full control over the management of your team, you will also be able to configure reports for different stakeholders and teams so that everyone has the ability to react quickly after reading them.

DMARC report are available in human-friendly formats that include the raw email data, along with any DMARC failures.

There is also an option to automatically discover subdomains in the DMARC Report in order to assist you in identifying which DKIM records are sending emails on behalf of those domains.

Make sure you stay on top of new subdomains by setting up automatic updates or timed updates, and you will be able to resolve security issues as soon as they occur.

It is possible to encrypt incoming messages using the Mail Transfer Agent-Strict Transport Security (MTA-STS) protocol so that you do not have to worry about common threats entering your inbox.

With the detailed domain summary page, you can easily track all the messages sent from each DKIM record.

DMARC Report can be used to create unique data portals that allow clients to pull data from reports on their own at any time.

Create a white-label platform for your company and resell it to your clients by adding your company logo and domain name.

Whether you are monitoring client or internal domain emails, you will be able to gain a birds-eye view of every aspect of every email activity and be sure to stay on top of new sending sources as they emerge.

DMARC Report Features:

  • Money-back guarantee! Regardless of the reason.
  • Aggregate reports
  • Full aggregate and forensic reports
  • API and widget embeds
  • DMARC summary timeline reporting
  • Groups and teams
  • Subdomain and DKIM key auto-discovery
  • MTA-STS hosting
  • TLS-RPT reports
  • 90-day retention
  • Analyze email traffic
  • Customized alerting and reporting
  • Meet compliance standards
  • API provisions, management, and reporting on domains
  • Enforce DMARC policies
  • Deploy DMARC report
  • 75 domains
  • 225,000 emails per month
  • White-label domain
  • White-label interface and reports

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