Centered Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Centered Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Centered Lifetime Deal

Centered is a web app that boosts productivity with free AI productivity coaching and other features. This AI coach keeps you on track by sending nudges if you get distracted by time-wasting sites and apps.

Stay focused with alerts about upcoming meetings, and easily connect your smartphone via QR code.

Use the customizable Pomodoro timer to work and take breaks at regular intervals, and enable Do Not Disturb mode automatically.

Centered also reminds you to take care of your health goals, like breathing, hydrating, and stretching.

Access hours of focus music, adjust audio levels, and connect your Spotify playlists for a productive work environment.

Create task lists and sync them from Asana, Linear, and Todoist for seamless organization. Check your productivity score after each work session to track your progress. Centered makes productivity a breeze!

Centered Lifetime Deal Features:

  • 1 Pro Plan account
  • 150+ hours of flow music
  • Unlimited task management
  • Unlimited 1:1 buddy sessions
  • Access to Private Groups
  • Notification blocking
  • Schedule tasks in the future
  • Break timers, including Pomodoro
  • Linear, Todoist, and Asana integrations
  • Full Spotify Integration
  • Nature video backgrounds while in session

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