CLOSEM Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

CLOSEM Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

CLOSEM Lifetime Deal!

Have enough time to run your business, complete your work, handle responsibilities, and follow up with each prospect? No, I don’t believe so. Do your voicemails go unanswered, and your emails go unanswered?

CLOSEM Lifetime Deal is an automatic follow-up system that ensures no lead or prospect goes unnoticed.

CLOSEM harnesses the power of messaging for your benefit! There’s no need to wait and worry if your message was received; 97% of messages are read within minutes.

CLOSEM Lifetime Deal comes with a library of professionally written, customized messages that you can use right away or customize.

In a flash, you’ll be sending appealing follow-up communications to your leads or prospects! CLOSEM allows you to send a well-planned sequence of text, email, and even audio communications over time in only a few clicks, ensuring that your follow-up is recognized.

These programs bring approximately 80% more revenue than a single message blast! Finally! Sales software that is so simple to use that you will really utilize it. Set your follow-up to run in the background.

You can customize text, email, and voice messages using Closem. These editable templates may be reused again and time again. Send your template to a particular person or a set of people right now.

Message templates can be mixed in a series and sent at different times. These are referred to as “sequences.” Create a sequence, select who you want to send it to, then click “send” to start it.

Our marketing and sales experts have built a set of tried-and-true templates and sequences that you can easily adapt and utilize, or design your own.

You may either add contacts one at a time or import up to 5,000 at once. Contacts can be labeled with as many labels as you want to help you remember who they are.

Choose a sequence, add or pick a contact, and email your campaign. Automatically, a series of follow-up communications will be sent out.

From the main dashboard, you can see who opened, clicked, and replied to the messages you’ve sent and received.

With only two clicks, you can send an SMS, email, or voice message to your whole list or a subset of your contacts.

With a single click, send a series of text and email messages to a list of contacts. Use one of our tried-and-true message templates or create your own. Keep track of all your chats and appointments in one place.

CLOSEM Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Lifetime Access.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Put your follow-up on autopilot
  • Includes done-for-you message templates, ready to use or customize
  • The perfect marriage of an easy-to-use CRM with a modern messaging platform
  • Best for: Entrepreneurs, agencies, and companies who want to take their business from “just getting by” to “crushing it!”.
  • Unique, dedicated local phone number
  • Unlimited users in 3 levels (admin, manager, user)
  • Unlimited contact lists, unlimited number of contacts, add users one at a time, or upload lists of 5,000
  • Unlimited tags; precisely segment contacts to send relevant messages to the right people
  • Over 70 pre-written text message templates
  • Over 60 pre-written email message templates
  • 7 pre-populated message template categories you can use as-is or customize
  • 7 pre-populated message campaigns (sequences) you can use as-is or customize however you like
  • Create an unlimited number of your own categories, messages, and sequences
  • Enterprise Plan has no limit to the number of messages you can send, no messages that expire every month
  • Includes Level 1 Message Pack / 1,000 SMS, 2,000 emails, 100 voice ($67 value)
  • Message Pack messages never expire, use as needed
  • Purchase additional Message Packs as needed at a discounted rate
  • SMS messages may contain up to 300 characters including an opt-out message (not limited to 160 characters)
  • Integrate with 3rd party apps and web forms (via Zapier, web-hooks)
  • Add custom notes to every contact, assign contacts to users
  • Start (or end) a message campaign with a single click
  • Send an unlimited number of messages and sequences to single users or groups of targeted users
  • Lifetime access to CLOSEM Academy – tutorials, training, videos, and more
  • Includes 4 bonus guides: Direct mail, Positioning Statement, Business Validation, and Investor Pitch.

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