Codora-Qr Code/Barcode Android App.

Codora-Qr Code/Barcode Android App.

Codora-Qr Code Generator App

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, connectivity reigns supreme. Whether it’s sharing information, engaging with customers, or streamlining processes, the ability to seamlessly connect is paramount.

And at the heart of this revolution lies the QR Code generator – a tool that empowers individuals and businesses alike to create these gateways to digital content effortlessly.

Fast Scan

Scan multiple barcodes consecutively and access them in the history section with a unique label for each scan.
Image Scanner
Detection and decoding of barcodes from image files that are located on your device.
Stored barcodes
Save barcodes in the app with names, descriptions, and labels for easy retrieval. The barcode’s color can be adjusted, and options to share, export, print, or apply are always available.

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