Coming Soon & Maintenance plugin Lifetime Deal

Coming Soon & Maintenance plugin Lifetime Deal

Coming Soon & Maintenance plugin Lifetime Deal!

Now you can create your own custom coming soon and maintenance pages an extremely fast.

This is the white label WordPress plugin by which you can easily create and manage professional placeholder sites by displaying coming soon pages.

This will allow you to add or remove any type of progress bar, Google Map, subscription form, and many other elements by which you can show the page is your own.

This plugin is so easy to use because it comes with the functionality of drag and drop, so you can do it anything that you want.

It also comes with the functionality of free stock images.

It has the integration of Unsplash and Depositphotos, so in this way, you have access to a hundred million pictures without leaving the coming soon interference, or without leaving your own website.

This is not the end because you will also have the option to add a video background on your page, that will Amaze your customers and attract them towards your website.

In the lifetime deal of coming soon and maintenance WordPress plugin, you will also have the option to keep your website frontend so eye-catching and pretty good.

Whenever you are confident about your website and you thinking that your website is ready,

this plugin gives you a secret link that will directly go to your work in the progress site.

The main coming page of your website is still active but running is just give you feedback for your site or improvement.

It will also have the option to select which pages won’t display the coming soon pages.

Coming soon and maintenance WordPress plugin allows you to control licenses and site remotely for centralized access.

You will also have the option to manage your client licenses plus the one more feature is that you can easily control the direct coming soon pages for every side that you manage with the option to turn the mood on or off in just in one click.

This plugin allows you to track the state of every page from your dashboard, which included region, devices, and visitors.

There is an awesome option in this plugin that you will also able to fully rebrand the plugin without knowing any type of knowledge about coding.

You can easily rename plugin change is Logo, company name, and all URLs, and contact information page to match everything with your brand and in this way, you can easily increase your brand awareness.

Coming Soon & Maintenance plugin Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Choose from 170+ professional themes to publish your Coming Soon page in minutes
  • Alternative to: SeedProd, UnderConstructionPage
  • Collect emails, show your progress, and connect social media to grab leads, plus remotely manage site status
  • Best for: Webmasters and marketing agencies who manage and maintain several WordPress sites looking to preview their progress.
  • Lifetime access to Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Agency Plan
  • You must redeem your license within 60 days of purchase
  • All future Agency plan updates
  • Ability to enhance/reduce between license tiers
  • GDPR compliant (partner verified)
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason
  • Features Included in All Plans
  • License Manager
  • White-label
  • 1 million+ free images
  • 150+ Themes
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Best-in-class SEO setup
  • Easy access for clients
  • Collect emails easily
  • Autoresponder & emailing services.
    All features above included
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Depositphotos integration
  • Complete rebranding
  • 170+ themes
  • Remote site control
  • Remote site stats.

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