Deep Talk Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Deep Talk Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Deep Talk Lifetime Deal!

Deep Talk enables you to transform your business’ textual communications, such as chats, surveys, and emails into valuable data, as a result of which you can better serve your customers, drive sales and improve your AI bots.

Through its artificial intelligence system, Deep Talk analyzes a variety of inputs from customers and adapts content, products, or solutions to these inputs in order to deliver a better service and product.

You can use the conversation analysis feature to analyze conversations from email to helpdesk chats to find out what your customers are talking about.

You can keep track of the most popular topics by using the Sunburst Charts that show you the most frequently used terms and also which of their related terms are used the most, along with the percentage share.

As conversations take place over time, Deep Talk lets you keep an eye on the conversations and find out how your customers are engaging with certain topics over time.

In addition to following the most interesting topics relevant to your company, you will also be able to see a quick preview of the text pieces that contain your searched topic.

Moreover, you will be able to attract new customers through search engine optimization (SEO)

By exploring common phrases, related terms, and frequently used keywords, you are able to craft relevant content, such as FAQs and blog posts for your website.

Since there is no such thing as a topic that remains trending forever, Deep Talk’s interface allows you to follow a topic as it evolves over time.

By finding new search terms or keywords that demonstrate customer values, you can use the Discovery tab to see how topics have ebbed and flowed over time.

You can also perform a comparison to see how conversations regarding product releases, product release seasons, or event occurrences are changing over time by tracking trends over time.

Where do you store your data? You don’t have to worry as Deep Talk allows you to easily import your data.

It is easy to get up and running with this platform in no time by either uploading a CSV file or integrating it with your existing tools, such as Intercom.

Besides, you can sort uploaded files based on their name, document type, creation date, or analysis status in order to make tracking and managing them much easier.

Deep Talk Features:

  • Money-back guarantee! Regardless of the reason.
  • Pre-trained Deep Learning models as a service
  • One Natural Language Processing platform for all your conversational data
  • Upload data or integrate with a support service
  • Integrates with Intercom and CSV files
  • Analyze text, chats, emails, surveys, and social networks
  • Discover topics in your customer’s conversations (easy visualization with all messages clustered)
  • Extract customer conversation topic hierarchies up to 3 levels and analyze your unstructured data
  • Follow topic evolution
  • Most frequent conversation clusters (rank the topics, time frame comparison, organize the topic members)
  • Full encryption
  • Up to 500,000 rows of data per month

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