Editor.do Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Editor.do Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Editor.do Lifetime Deal

Do you have a template or a local folder for your site, a pre-made landing page, or something you’d like to test and want to quickly deploy it with your own domain?

Editor.do is the perfect tool for this, taking less than a minute. Simply upload your site files or a zip file containing all the necessary files, and voila! Your site is ready, with the following advantages:

  • Your projects are hosted and served on NVMe SSD Storage servers, ensuring lightning-fast loading speeds for your site.
  • Use your own domains effortlessly. Simply add two DNS records to correctly point your domain or get a free .doo.ee subdomain to get started.
  • Enjoy a free, instant, and automatic SSL certificate for each of your domains.
  • In addition to HTML, CSS, and JS, you can host and serve all types of files for your websites, such as images, videos, or music.
  • Secure any folder or website with a username and password.
  • Easily export and back up your projects.

For coders, learners, and anyone who loves experimenting, Editor.do is tailor-made for you.

B) The IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

Manage and edit your projects just as you would in your preferred IDE.

Editor.do includes all the tools of a top-notch development environment, allowing you to code faster and smarter while keeping your reference points. Here’s a summary of the IDE’s advantages and features:

  • Access your editor anywhere, anytime, and on any device—all you need is a browser.
  • Create and edit files in over 150 programming languages.
  • Your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code run in real-time, and every saved change is applied directly to your website.
  • Choose from different themes, highlight colors, and customization options to suit your taste.
  • Utilize a panel of shortcuts and tools for searching, replacing, cutting, selecting, and efficiently manipulating your code.

Access open-source templates for every sector of activity (medical, industrial, sports, cultural, tech, etc.).

C) Templates and Libraries

  • Choose from over 1000 free and open-source templates spanning various categories and install them with a single click. Then, edit the code in real-time to tailor them to your projects.
  • Easily import libraries and open-source projects directly from GitHub. Simply enter the project name and import it.

ChatGPT’s integration and a range of ready-to-use tools are at your disposal.

D) ChatGPT and Other Tools

Editor.do allows you to seamlessly integrate ChatGPT and use it for code correction, completion, text improvement, or to learn coding step by step.

It also includes several handy tools like color pickers, a royalty-free image library, and much more.

Editor.do is an ideal platform for developers and designers of all levels, from beginners looking to practice to advanced coders and agencies constantly experimenting or deploying sites for clients.

Editor.do Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Create up to 100 websites (projects)
  • 10 GB SSD storage
  • 1,000+ free templates
  • Free and instant SSL certificates
  • Full editor features
  • Unlimited traffic
  • One-click backup and export

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