Eyeson Lifetime Deal | Buy Now Eyeson for Lifetime

Eyeson Lifetime Deal | Buy Now Eyeson for Lifetime

Eyeson Lifetime Deal- toll for video conference meeting.

Now Eyeson allows you to interact with other people through video calling.

This will allow you to address the conference for 1:1 meetings. Using Eyeson you just need to login by using your email and you are also able to log in just using your social media account and then create your profile and enough.

You don’t need to download install or anything else. It is a totally cloud-based software.

Whenever you want to start your video call with your college, students, or something else, or your staff you just need to simply share your video link, by using any source like tex,t message, email, Slack, and also send a calendar invite from Eyeson.

Eyeson allows your staff can easily launch the meeting easily without wasting their time just by using their Browser.

It will allow you to create a different type of teams events or project to stay organized, which means you are allowed to create individual rooms for each department.

This will also allow you to keep all your information secure so for this, you just need to create an expirable link means after some time the particular link will be expired and your all formation will be secured.

This will also allow you to share your screen and you are also able to upload a presentation or any type of another document file like PDF for a synchronized slide presentation.

Eyeson also gives you functionality for highlighting specific items in your presentation and you can also easily point out its item to your audience for your better understanding.

You can also connect your social media accounts like YouTube channel easily to broadcast your live session and also able to record it to access later.

In order to maintain your video calling experience better, you are allowed to share GIF and emojis reaction.

This will help you to keep engaging your audience.

The video quality is also outstanding like,  if you have a video meeting of 9 people you don’t need to worry about any type of lagging or something else.

Similarly, you can arrange a call for up to 100 people at a single time.

Its latest and awesome Technology handles bandwidth network.

So you never need to worry about losing your speaker sound or something else.

This technology is also ideal for mobile networks.

It will also allow your audience to watch your product demo, you just need to send them an email.

The one more awesome function that all of your recordings and any type of picture that you take during your presentation or conference,

you can easily access through your account so you can go back and rewatch any previous meeting just in some simple clicks.

You can also integrate this tool with any productivity tool just like Trello slack and Dropbox.

You can also integrate this with any type of tickting platform like zendesk and Jira.

Eyeson Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Quickly and easily invite people to join video meetings with a single link and one click
  • Access cloud-based video calls from any device or browser, with no downloads required and no lagging
  • Share, moderate, and record presentations with a versatile video solution
  • Best for: Businesses who have remote teams or clients and want to collaborate 1:1 with a no-hassle video solution.
  • Lifetime access to eyeson.
  • All future plan updates (Most resembles Teams Plan)
  • Stack unlimited codes
  • Only for new eyeson users who do not have existing accounts
  • 100 Participants per call
  • Unlimited Rooms
  • Unlimited Groups
  • Screen Sharing
  • Presentation
  • Snapshots
  • Unlimited recordings
  • History
  • Multispeaker moderation
  • YouTube & Facebook Live Streaming
  • 10+ Integrations (Slack, Trello, Zendesk, Jira, Dropbox…)
  • User management admin features

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