Filmstro Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Filmstro Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Filmstro Lifetime Deal

Filmstro sets itself apart from other stock music websites by offering a unique feature: the ability to upload your video and preview how the music will fit with your edit in real time.

No more wasted time searching for music that doesn’t match the pace of your edit once you import it into your NLE. With Filmstro, you can instantly audition the music to your edit and save time in the process.

Using Filmstro’s templates, you can quickly get started with a great sounding soundtrack that you can customize to your liking.

Starting with one of the templates, such as the composer’s mix, you can make a few changes to match the music with your video and you’re good to go. If you find a formula that works, you can even save your own templates to use in the future.

One of the most impressive features of Filmstro is its scoring sliders, which give you real-time control over the mood of the soundtrack. No musical experience is necessary to use this powerful tool. By adjusting the underlying building-blocks of music, you can achieve the same effect as a composer.

Want to create more complexity and build anticipation? Dial up the momentum. Need a fuller, more textured sound? Dial up the depth. Want to make the music more intense? Dial up the power. With countless combinations and scoring slider positions, you can create unique music that perfectly matches your edit.

Another great feature of Filmstro is its stem control, which allows you to mute parts of the music that you don’t want in the final render. This feature gives you greater control over the final product and allows you to exclude any parts of the music that don’t fit with your video.

Finally, one of the most exciting features of Filmstro is the ability to audition each part of the music separately. This allows you to identify any particular sounds that you would like to exclude from the final music, giving you even greater control over the soundtrack.

Filmstro Features:

  • Unlimited custom tracks
  • Commercial use including podcasts, software, games, film festival submissions, etc.
  • Unlimited social channels
  • Premium tracks
  • 1 social channel per platform
  • Music cleared worldwide and in perpetuity
  • No copyright strikes or take downs
  • Custom music requests
  • Core team customer support
  • Cleared for monetized YouTube

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