LeadRocks Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

LeadRocks Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

LeadRocks Lifetime Deal

LeadRocks is a reliable B2B contact database with more than 100 million records, email addresses, phone numbers and LinkedIn profiles.

In just a few clicks, you will be able to generate high-quality leads for your hyper-targeted outreach.

Using a combination of job title, company name, URL, location, industry and team size, it is possible to search for Leads. A filter can used alone or in combination with others.

If you want a more precise search, you can search by our suggested values or enter any custom value you wish.

It is possible to open emails and phone numbers with a single click.

The URLs of LinkedIn profiles should be uploaded in a list. The emails and phone numbers for all the profiles in your list can be pulled from our database.

The results of your search can be saved in LeadRocks or exported to a CSV file.

Make a new list of your search results after you have saved them. After saving your enrichment results, create a new list.

You can store the data in LeadRocks Lifetime Deal or export it to a CSV file. Your CSV file needs to be uploaded to your CRM or your automation tool to get you started.

Only official and legal sources of information are used to provide the data that we provide. With our continuously updated and verified data, we can bring your sales team to a new level.

Get high-quality leads by filtering your search by job title, location, company name, industry, team size, and more.

This will provide you with accurate and actionable contact data to make your prospecting efforts more effective.

The LeadRocks software is a breeze to use both for the more experienced eye as well as the less experienced eye.

Your user experience should not be a source of frustration for you.

LeadRocks Features:

  • Money-back guarantee! Regardless of the reason.
  • Access to 100M+ database of B2B contact details
  • 7500 credits added to your account every month. One credit reveals all contact data of one person
  • Search by job title, company name or URL, location, industry, or team size
  • Enrichment of LinkedIn URLs with emails, phone numbers and additional info
  • Storage of contact information in LeadRocks lists
  • Export of found data and enriched records to a CSV
  • Online chat support. Free access to guides and webinars

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