FlowShare Express Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

FlowShare Express Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

FlowShare Express Lifetime Deal

The documentation of a process and the creation of a detailed, step-by-step guide takes a lot of time, if not days, in most cases.

By using FlowShare, you have the power to document hundreds of processes at once with no need to document them manually – ever again.

With flowShare, you can automatically document any click of your software process so you can create simple step-by-step guides that will capture your process in a beautiful and time-saving manner.

If you are using a Windows computer, FlowShare is compatible with any desktop or web application.

When you click or use the screen, FlowShare creates text instructions automatically for all actions you take.

With one click, you can insert simple annotations, highlight your screenshots, or add even more visual elements to your images.

FlowShare lets you blur sensitive data on individual screenshots,

so you don’t need to take multiple screenshots to blur sensitive data as FlowShare identifies the element you want to blur throughout the process and blurs it all at once.

You have the option to use either PDF or HTML as the export format for your new guide when you are ready to share it.

There is no fear of the documentation not looking professional or uniform, regardless of who creates it on your team.

Share your Flow with others via onboarding, handovers, support, in-house training, or even showing your parents how to use the computer for the first time!

FlowShare Express Features:

  • Installs locally on your Windows computer
  • Works with desktop and browser applications
  • Blur all sensitive data at once
  • Capture as many steps as you like
  • Automatic text description
  • Quick screen annotation
  • Smart cropping
  • Easy PDF and HTML Export
  • Export an unlimited number of guides

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