Group Collector Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Group Collector Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Group Collector Lifetime Deal!

The Group Collector Lifetime Deal auto-approve feature allows you to automatically approve new members based on certain criteria.

Their information will be sent to the group collector dashboard, google sheet, and the email marketing software or crm of your choice.

Only approve new members who fit your requirements using the group collector auto-approve feature.

Email must be entered in any of the questions answered, member city, the minimum number of mutual friends, group password, and many more criteria could be used.

You can also utilize facebook’s member request filters to only approve members who fulfill the requirements. Copy the URL and paste it into the auto approve settings after you’ve applied the filters.

Running a paid group? You may utilize the pre-approved members function if you operate a private Facebook group for your users and already have their emails.

It would enable you to automatically approve members whose email addresses already exist in your database (google sheet). Members whose email addresses are already in the google sheet would be automatically approved by the group collector.

It would save you many hours of tedious effort.

In Group Collector Lifetime Deal Facebook custom audience: using group collector, you may build a bespoke audience of your group members who have given their consent.

With only one click, you can get the Facebook custom audience. You may use the file to build a bespoke audience or a lookalike audience on Facebook.

It would enable you to promote on Facebook with better-targeted ads, lowering your advertising costs in the long run.

Google sheet integration: it’s simple to integrate google sheets with group collector. After linking the google sheet, all new group members’ data will be uploaded to the google sheet very instantly.

Integrations with email marketing software and cr ms: group collector connects with a variety of email marketing tools and cr ms.

You can then approve a new group member and his or her email will be pushed to the autoresponder as soon as the email marketing software is linked.

Then, in your autoresponder, build campaigns/automation to send welcome emails to your group members.

Group Collector Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Lifetime Access.
  • Money-back guarantee.  
  • Collect new Facebook Group answers and save them into Google Sheet and email marketing software without Zapier
  • Integrate with email marketing software directly
  • Auto-approve new Facebook Group members after certain intervals that meet your specific criteria
  • Best for: Facebook Group owners looking to collect member answers and emails.
  • Connect unlimited Facebook Groups
  • Approve unlimited Facebook Group members
  • Save Facebook Group members’ data to Google Sheet
  • Integrate Facebook Group Collector with autoresponders without using Zapier
  • Auto-approve new Facebook Group members based on different criteria without a single click
  • Generate Facebook custom audience of approved members
  • Create Facebook Group funnels and automate new members onboarding and lead collection
  • Lifetime software updates
  • Works with both new and old Facebook.

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