Replain Lifetime Deal | Best Customer Support Plugin for Lifetime

Replain Lifetime Deal | Best Customer Support Plugin for Lifetime

Replain Lifetime Deal- The best chat support plugin for any CMS.

Now you can connect with your customers by using Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, and telegram channel.

Replain is the live chat support software which makes you receive and send your website messages directly to WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and telegram.

As we know that any business must be required faster and reliable support for their customer and if you don’t have any good support connection then there are 90% chances that you may lose your customers.


To tackle this Replain lets you engage with your customer and solve their queries and also you can send messages directly to their WhatsApp Facebook messenger and telegram channels in some simple clicks.

By using Replain you are able to receive messages from your website which directly comes to your smartphone or computer.

So there are no chances to lose your customer.

This will also allow you to add an unlimited number of operators to operate this and also you are able to add an unlimited number of website for free.

Also, Replain allows you to assign a particular operator to a particular website whenever you have a separate team.

You are also able to see your chat history, Live Customer notes, and get service review and more functions in it.

You can also show a pop up to your customer after 45 seconds of his visiting your website.

By using Replain, you are fully able to customise icons to increase your brand awareness as you can match  icon colour with your brand to increase your brand awareness.

In Replain Lifetime deal, it will also allow you to set an automatic response.

It will help you in saving your time and your customer will also happy with you.

It will also allow you to chat with your customer by using video to gain their trust.

So you can discuss their problem, about pricing Consulting, and show off your product and more.

Replain works with any type of website, CMS, or any platform.

This plugin is developed in a way so you can connect it with any platform.

You will also able to use this or connect Replain with your favourite different marketing tools like zapier, Google Analytics, and text Matrix, and more.

Replain Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Live chat with your customers directly through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram
  • Get unlimited agents and transfer customers easily between operators
  • Works on any and all websites and CMS with no downloads required
  • Best for: Businesses and e-commerce stores that want to simplify 24/7 customer support/
  • Lifetime access to Re: plain
  • All future plan updates
  • Stack up to 3 codes.

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