Hexomatic Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Hexomatic Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Hexomatic Lifetime Deal!

The Hexomatic Work Automation Platform is a comprehensive platform that makes it simple to pull data from websites using scraping recipes. This allows you to leverage readymade automation that makes scaling tasks simple.

You don’t need a Ph.D. in computer science or a multistep software installation to extract the data you need from the Internet with Hexomatic.

With a simple point-and-click user interface, you can create your scraping recipe. This will allow you to scrape products, directories, prospects, and listings at scale.

Hexomatic Lifetime Deal conveniently runs 24/7 from the cloud—with data center IP rotation included in all plans as a standard—for a frustration-free data search experience.

Utilize a growing library of 40+ readymade built-in automation to accomplish time-consuming tasks and enrich your data in minutes.

You can use Hexomatic to find new prospects in any industry, discover mailing lists and profiles on social networks, perform audits, and much more.

There is already built-in automation that can be used to quickly search for specific document types, download RSS feeds, extract SEO metadata, and detect tech stacks.

This application allows you to combine scraping recipes and automation that are ready to go into custom workflows that can be run on autopilot and save countless hours of manual work!

Educate yourself on how to use the massive library of pre-built community scraping recipes and workflows that will enable you to deploy complete use cases in just a few minutes.

By using automatic field detection, different browser modes, and pagination, you will be able to use advanced features in your scraping script to capture text, prices, images, and links, all in a few clicks.

In addition to this, you can also use advanced features like CSS selectors and Regex expressions to deal with more complex scenarios.

Hexomatic Ltd also offers the convenience of integrating with your existing applications, like Slack, Telegram, and Discord for notifications and updates.

In the need of residential proxy servers, but can not afford the monthly subscription fees?

There is an optional premium credit add-on from Hexomatic which provides discounted access to residential proxy services, human-powered automation, AI-based services, and more!

As such, you can easily take advantage of these services right from your workflows and pay for them only when you need them.

You can ask a human team to capture data points, enable machine translation, using AI image labeling or access managed automated processes, gaining all the benefits of a research assistant on a per-task basis.

Using the internet as a data source, you can extract data with no code and automate workflows.

Hexomatic Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Lifetime Access.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Use point-and-click functionality on a no-code, cloud-based work automation platform
  • Alternative to: Webscraper.io and Apify
  • Tap into 40+ ready-made automations and turn any website’s data into a spreadsheet or JSON format
  • Best for: Sales and marketing teams looking to automate time-consuming tasks related to internet researchAll Gold Plan Features
  • 15,000 automation credits per month
  • Unlimited simultaneous running workflows
  • API

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