Iubenda Lifetime Deal- Protect Your Business from Illegal Activity

Iubenda Lifetime Deal- Protect Your Business from Illegal Activity

Iubenda Lifetime Deal is here from appsumo!

Iubenda is a tool that allows you to easily create and meet the latest legal requirements of the gdpr and ccpa.

Also, you can easily create a cookie banner, privacy policies, and terms and conditions.

This will help you to figure out which requirements are needed to apply to your specific website or app depending upon your location and by using iubenda, it will suggest you the best that works for you.

You will also get a cookie banner, management tool, and all necessary legal documents feature to stay up to date with regulations including the super streak once by which you can take care of your business.

Along with this Iubenda lifetime deal Also support 8 languages for its privacy and cookie policies along with the terms and conditions for your easiness.

You are totally covered whatever you need documents in English, german, russian, spanish, french, dutch, and brazilian portuguese.

It will allow you to check all legal requirements from a central dashboard and you can easily create a cookie banner, privacy, and cookie policy, and terms and conditions, in just a few clicks for your own business.

All these documents provided to you are fully customizable with power 1300 options for altering clauses and tailoring your banners for legal documents to your business needs.

This will work with both like website and app as have you covered on both fronts and also you can easily adjust for different privacy laws by simply clicking a button if you needs changes.

You don’t need to worry about constantly shifting laws thereby using your iubenda lifetime deal.

All legal documents are automatically updated whenever the laws change along with legal experts working round the clock to keep an eye on things.

For example, if a comma is added changes in the entire interpretation and like that.

It also allows you to scan your website to be notified of any legal issue you should address to make your work easier.

This is totally optimized for e commerce business marketplaces and service businesses and saas as well as the mobile application to make sure you are in good standing with the privacy laws that apply to your business and keep your business safe from any illegal way.

You are also able to change manage consent preferences in accordance with the privacy ccpa, gdp is, and more from one central dashboard to save your time.

For even more flexibility you can easily integrate your cookie banner and legal documents with an embedding link or plugin including support for WordPress, magento, Joomla, and more for your comfortability.

So getting your website shut down because of non-compliant cookies is a lot less cool than it sounds.

If you want to make your website protected with privacy glass and also keep your website up to date with custom cookie banner terms and conditions and other legal documents you just need to buy this new iubenda lifetime deal.

Lifetime deal features:

  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • All future ultra plan updates
  • Stack up to 3 codes
  • Gdpr compliant (partner verified)
  • Only for new iubenda users who do not have existing paid accounts
  • Transfer of sites/apps or documents from existing accounts created prior to the campaign to ltd accounts is prohibited
  • Optional add-on: additional consents available for purchase from iubenda after purchasing three codes (see below pricing table)
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason.
  • All features above included
  • 25 licenses
  • Privacy and cookie policy
  • Cookie solution (up to 300,000 total page views per month, where gdpr or ccpa apply)
  • Terms and conditions
  • Internal privacy management
  • Up to 10,000 entries per month (consent solution).
  • Generate a cookie banner and legal documents (privacy and cookie policy & terms and conditions) for your sites or apps
  • Alternative to: onetrust
  • Customize according to your language, business, and design preferences, with instant updates for law changes
  • Best for: website owners and app developers who want to stay up to date with even the strictest of regulations.

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