MetaSurvey Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

MetaSurvey Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

MetaSurvey Lifetime Deal

Think of your customers from their perspective as a critic before launching your new product.

Create questions based on the images you upload (or manually add them).

You can share the link to the survey with your customers on social media, through emails, or on your website.

You can use a swipe device to ask your customers questions and they will be able to type valuable feedback.

Based on the results of the analysis, you make a decision.

A variety of question types are available with MetaSurvey (NPS, Ratings, Multiple, Comment).

MetaSurvey is well suited to work well on all devices. This will ensure that your survey will be filled out completely.

Grow your business with a customer insights/CX platform
Don’t lose money advertising or producing unwanted/unpopular products.

Use NPS, CSAT, and CES surveys to get valuable feedback from your audience. a Powerful but light analytics panel.

With a customer insight/CX platform, you will be able to grow your business. Avoid losing money on unnecessary advertising or producing products that are not in demand.

To get valuable feedback from your audience, you should use NPS, CSAT, and CES surveys. This is an analytics panel that is powerful but easy to use.

Swipe cards are a great way to get quick feedback on products.

Using NPS, you can find out how satisfied your customers are.

With multiple answers, you will be able to learn exactly what your audience’s measurement is (height, clothing, or shoe size).

Spend no more than 2 hours navigating the dashboard if you don’t have to. The survey can be created within two minutes.

On the go, you can edit your survey! Every time you make a change, it is automatically saved.

The only thing you’ll see is the most important data – not a lot of redundant data.

To get detailed information on each question, you will need to export it to CSV.

It is important to know the amount of money that your customers are willing to spend on your products. The best way to find out this amount is through multiple-choice questions.

Increase sales by rewarding customers with promo codes and redirecting them to product pages.

Check out how your customers feel about the checkout and shipping process. You can use the Likert scale and comments to find out how they really feel.

Improve your brand’s awareness and trust among your target audience. Simply add the logo of your store and remove the MetaSurvey branding.

Make sure that you know the size, age, height, and clothing of your target audience. Don’t keep unsaleable items in your store.

MetaSurvey Features:

  • Money-back guarantee! Regardless of the reason.
  • Unlimited “Tinder-like” surveys
  • Unlimited questions
  • Collect up to 1,500 responses and comments every month
  • Images to “Tinder-like” questions
  • Auto redirect to your site
  • Custom Welcome screen
  • Custom Thank You screen
  • Password protection for surveys
  • Upload your company logo
  • Import and export from CSV

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