Tevent Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Tevent Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Tevent Lifetime Deal

It is possible to host virtual events using Tevent Lifetime Deal, resulting in peer-to-peer networking opportunities enabled by interactive features available at each tier level of the service.

It is easy to set up an interactive online event with Tevent in virtual conference rooms, and you can have as many parallel sessions as needed.

As a virtual host, you will have the ability to teleport audience members anywhere in the virtual space, broadcast important messages, and pin-chat with your audience members.

Using chat, emojis, polls, and Miro whiteboards, participants will be able to interact and collaborate in real time with each other.

As a result, you can even record your virtual events and share the links in order for those who were unable to attend the live event to watch it on demand later on.

Due to Tevent’s custom pricing model, you will be able to access all engagement features at every level, no matter which tier level you choose.

The perfect template is at your fingertips to help you start a webinar, conference, workshop, or social event with one click.

You will be able to automatically create custom registration pages, as well as set the public or private status of your events.

There is no need for attendees to create an account with Tevent to attend your event, as they can join as guests as well.

It’s also possible to download a list of attendees who have registered and track engagement insights, so you can figure out which elements of your event need to be tweaked.

You can launch your event in a snap using premade templates and registration pages that will be generated automatically.

In addition to that, Tevent also allows you to set up permanent meeting rooms with evergreen rooms in which your members can convene in order to collaborate.

Using Space Chat, members can interact anywhere in the space, and not only within specific rooms and calls but also outside of them.

It will be possible for you to host all your events under one roof and create a shared space that will suit the needs of your brand or community.

Moreover, Tevent is packed with an array of interactive features that make people interact with each other and encourage them to network with each other.

With the help of custom profile cards and direct invitations, participants can easily connect with each other and set up contact information for each other.

Besides being able to keep in touch with connections outside of events and public spaces, you’ll be able to keep in touch with them via personal or group chats.

By creating a customized profile, you will be able to network with people and keep in touch with them using private or group chat sessions.

Tevent Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Money-back guarantee! Regardless of the reason.
  • No-login, no-download entry
  • Customizable registration page
  • Customizable event URL
  • Unlimited concurrent events, stages, and rooms
  • Unlimited organizers, presenters, and hosts
  • Customizable contact cards and user profiles
  • Upload and send images or files in all chats
  • Permanent member list
  • Custom access—public or private
  • Customizable URL
  • One-click HD recording
  • Cloud storage and download for all participants
  • 800 free tickets per month
  • 2 hours maximum length per event
  • Unlimited events

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