OneStream Lifetime Deal | Livestream lifetime

OneStream Lifetime Deal | Livestream lifetime

OneStream Lifetime Deal | Best software for live streaming in one click!

One Stream allows you to go live on 40 plus platform simultaneous with the pre-recorded videos on autopilot in just a few clicks.

One Stream is an alternative to Castr.

You can schedule videos and live streams of your pre-recorded videos simultaneously.

You don’t need to install anything.

This is the totally cloud-based plate form. When you want to go live this software takes care of anything which we need to go live

like bandwidth, transcoding, and different streaming requirements of different types of social media platforms for like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

You just need to upload your video and set your date and time, after that leave now and no need to worry about it,

Because your videos will be live automatically at a particular date and time.

You can also choose different types of dimensions like landscape, changing video quality, constant bit rate, or different types of variables like mobile, camera, webcam.

You can also able to add your own watermark in your live stream to increase your branding awareness.

This will also allow you to add highly engaging and attention-grabbing thumbnails and descriptions right within the tool.

In lifetime deals of one stream, you are also able to send a notification to your subscriber before you go live.

Even if you want to send them before weeks for some days so they become more excited about your live stream.

The one more Pro feature is that it will have a functionality to show 360 ° camera recorded videos.

This is one of the best features that surprised to anyone who loves to stream live.

You can adjust live stream privacy setting to create your own special and exclusive streams for your special audiences in just some clicks.

This tool also have the functionality to you repeat your live streams spread over the weeks or months.

You can also able to collaborate your live streams with other social media platforms for.

You also have access to invite your team members so that they can join your onestream live account and schedule content according to their requirements.

OneStream Lifetime Deal Features:

  • By using the feature of team management you can hand over the task of creating schedules trains to your member.
  • You just need to review and approve before they go live.
  • Schedule live streams using pre-recorded videos across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, and more
  • An alternative to Castr
  • Personalize your live stream with watermarks, logos, thumbnails, and descriptions, plus add team members to your account
  • Best for Content teams and marketers looking to simplify the live video streaming process across social media platforms.
  • Lifetime access to OneStream Live
  • All future plan updates to Standard Plan & Professional Plan
  • Stack up to 2 codes.
  • Only for new OneStream Live users who do not have existing accounts.
  • Unlimited live streaming
  • Multicast to 40+ platforms
  • Unlimited video file size via the cloud
  • Camera recording
  • 360° videos supported
  • Looping allowed
  • Custom logo / overlay
  • Team storage
  • Analytics & insights
  • Mobile app
  • No video file size limit when uploaded via cloud storages
  • Facebook Crossposting.

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