Pencil Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Pencil Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Pencil Lifetime Deal

The Pencil Lifetime Deal platform is a creative AI-based tool that enables you to leverage existing branding, assets, and ad account data to create successful e-commerce ads.

In Pencil, you can easily create static and video ads for multiple channels that are ready to run and formatted for automatic running.

You will only need to enter the brand profile and the target market for your business, and then upload all brand assets such as logos, fonts, and hex codes.

By identifying your objective, target metrics, purpose and brand assets you will be able to make personalized ads for specific products each of which can be personalized.

The most attractive part is that you’ll be able to get static and video ads in a variety of formats in less than three minutes in your email.

Even if your design skills have not evolved beyond PowerPoint, you will be able to create excellent campaigns based on static or video ads.

Within a user-friendly dashboard you have the option of selecting the element you wish to modify and making changes in real-time.

The page will be able to be edited, products can be swapped, layouts can be changed, videos can be trimmed, and sizes can be adjusted.

Additionally, Pencil’s AI pipeline contains a bundle of on-brand and data-backed ads, giving your growth teams an opportunity to test high-volume creative in real-time.

Pencil can even be connected with your advertising account so that Pencil generates ad creatives that are predicted to perform well based on the data in your advertising account.

Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology,

we’ll be able to make comparisons between the best and worst ads in your account history based on an objective, target, and metric you wish to track.

The analyzer tool can also predict how a new advertising campaign will perform – and even compare it to a similar campaign from the past.

A pencil is not only a tool to brainstorm new ideas, but it also offers insight into every advertisement that you have ever launched.

Use the data obtained from the shoots to improve the influencer briefs, promotional campaigns, and the shoot itself.

Using a variety of creative tests, you will be able to determine which marketing strategies are most effective.

By using AI, you can generate ads that are predicted to win so you save time and money.

Pencil Features:

  • Generate unlimited AI ads
  • AI copy and narratives
  • Automated video edits
  • Brand kits: upload your logo, and set fonts and colors
  • Direct integration with Facebook
  • Download and use anywhere
  • Export 100 total ads per month
  • Unlimited brand workspaces
  • Insights and predictions

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