PPC Reveal Lifetime Deal-Pay once only!

PPC Reveal Lifetime Deal-Pay once only!

PPC Reveal Lifetime Deal

PPC Reveal is a competitive intelligence platform designed to assist agencies and teams in dissecting their rivals’ Google Ads strategies.

With PPC Reveal, you can effortlessly unveil the specific ads your competitors are running through automated searches, eliminating the need for manual Google searches and screenshotting.

Refine your search by specifying the country and location, allowing you to pinpoint those running ads within your particular region.

You also have the flexibility to define the frequency, days of the week, and duration of these searches, striking a balance between conserving credits and staying well-informed.

Comprehensive Competitor Analysis: Gain a detailed breakdown of each Google Ad identified with a swift keyword search.

Advertiser’s Insights: Access a complete Advertiser’s Report, revealing comprehensive details about your competitors’ advertising strategies.

This report includes links to their landing pages, the number of ads they’re running, and the specific keywords they’re targeting from your dataset.

It’s a valuable tool for not only assessing known competitors but also discovering new ones.

Custom Branded Reports: Generate white-label PPC reports featuring your company’s logo to make a lasting impression on prospects, clients, or your superiors.

You can export these reports as PDFs and share them via email or any messaging platform that supports file sharing.

These detailed reports are highly effective for boosting sales and keeping your customers informed regularly.

Strategic Timing Insights: Beyond discovering your competitors’ ad content, PPC Reveal helps you determine when they are running their ads, providing a strategic edge.

You can adjust your ad schedule to align with or counter your competitors’ timings, optimizing your ad spend. This flexibility allows you to focus your ad spend during peak hours to capture leads when competition is minimal.

Ad Scheduling Reports: Learn about the timing of your competitors’ ad displays and adapt your strategy accordingly, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

PPC Reveal Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Money-back guarantee! Regardless of the reason.
  • Competition’s Google Search Ad creative
  • Uncover active advertisers
  • Ad frequency report
  • Ad visibility score
  • State, city, and county targeting
  • Ad copy comparison
  • Ad schedule stats
  • Keyword performance
  • 5 key reports
  • Real world data
  • 30,000 Reveal units per month

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