ShareSimple Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

ShareSimple Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

ShareSimple Lifetime Deal

You need to be able to securely send and receive data.

With ShareSimple Lifetime Deal, sending and receiving sensitive data over email is easier than ever. It works as an Outlook add-in and is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Outlook.

The user will have the capability of sharing and requesting sensitive data in compliance with global privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, and PIPEDA.

ShareSimple is an easy-to-use, low-cost solution that can be installed within a few minutes. Open ShareSimple, click the share option, then click the request option in the message.

Using the drag and drop functionality, you can drop the files that you wish to share or request. If you are sending a file or a request for a file, please include this in your message.

ShareSimple sends and receives data securely with Outlook to/from any email server, globally.

Encrypts all data that enters the system, as well as data that leaves, with TLS 1.2- and 2048-bit encryption.

Obtains appropriate consent and logs all actions in compliance with applicable data laws.

Scan all files automatically to ensure all parties are protected against viruses and ensure their data is secure.

It can be used on any kind of browser, worldwide, and entirely without the user being required to produce a certificate.

It is important to send and receive data in a secure manner. The add-in for Outlook works with all Microsoft emails.

Both directions of the data are encrypted. Built-in protection against viruses and malware.

ShareSimple Features:

  • Must have a Microsoft account for sign up
  • One user
  • Unlimited use
  • All data is kept in an encrypted folder
  • Only the sender and recipient can access files in the secure folder
  • Your recipients don’t need to have the add-in
  • All data is scanned for virus and malware
  • Verify with a single-use email code, or choose two-step verification with SMS and email
  • Select whether the recipient should be able to download the file or merely read it
  • Shared files are available to the recipient for 7 days, but the time-frame can be adjusted.

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