Speechki Lifetime Deal-Ai Voice Generator for One Time Fee

Speechki Lifetime Deal-Ai Voice Generator for One Time Fee

Speechki Lifetime Deal:

Speechki is an advanced text-to-speech plugin that empowers you to link up with ChatGPT and convert text into lifelike audio content effortlessly.

Equipped with cutting-edge text-to-speech capabilities, Speechki enables you to swiftly transform text into high-quality, natural-sounding audio.

This plugin allows you to convert an unlimited amount of text or even directly record text from your ChatGPT conversations.

By opting for Speechki, you’re providing your audience with the convenience of listening to your engaging content on the go, rather than having to read through lengthy paragraphs.

Key Features of Speechki:

Text-to-speech Generator: Effortlessly create top-notch audio content by entering your text or recording it directly from ChatGPT.

Diverse AI Voices: Select from a wide-ranging collection of realistic AI voices tailored to match the tone and target audience of your project.

Speechki boasts over 600 voices in various accents and languages, generated by AI models trained on authentic human voices to deliver a remarkably lifelike audio experience.

Natural Audio Output: The AI algorithm embedded in Speechki comprehends the intricacies of human speech, adjusting the pacing to ensure that your audio output sounds as natural as possible.

AI Speakers: Choose from a vast selection of over 600 AI voices with different accents and languages.

Effortless Project Management: Manage multiple text-to-speech projects efficiently through a user-friendly centralized dashboard.

It offers a well-organized layout with comprehensive project details, making it easy to revisit and make adjustments to previous projects.

Visual Editor: Fine-tune the speed, tone, and pitch of your audio content with the visual editor until it matches your desired perfection.

Seamless Sharing Options: Once your audio project is complete, you can share it online by either downloading it or using a link to a public project page.

Additionally, you can convert your audio into a visual audiogram, allowing you to share it on social media platforms that are not primarily focused on audio.

This visual element enhances your ability to capture viewers’ attention and drive greater engagement with your audio content.

Speechki Lifetime Deal features:

  • Unlimited conversion, listening, and sharing
  • ChatGPT plugin for text-to-Speechki conversion
  • Standard and Premium voices
  • 560 AI voices
  • All 103 languages and dialects
  • Commercial rights
  • No limits on project size
  • Full-cast production
  • Multi-language projects
  • Built-in generative AI for text generation
  • Automatic audio postproduction
  • Unlimited voice generations per month
  • 50 music generations per month
  • Audiogram generation

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