Switchy Lifetime Deal | Best url shortner

Switchy Lifetime Deal | Best url shortner

Switchy Lifetime Deal.

Switchy is an online tool that allows you to increase your conversions and engagement with custom retargeting links.

By using Switchy you are able to customize the appearance of a shared post on your social network.

This is not just a link shortener it is too much because of its features.

You are able to edit the title, domain, description, and the image of your links.

Now the best part of Switchy is that you can be retargeting pixel and M UTs so in this way your conversions must be skyrocketing.

Once you have generated links and someone clicks on that link now you have full access to track user engagement with your post to increase your sales.

And Switchy will also allow you to integrate retargeting pixels directly to your links without having any type of technical knowledge.


you can use this pixel on any social media network for retargeting which will definitely increase your sales.

In Switchy dashboard it will give you a real-time Matrix such as the number of people who clicked on your link, number of referrals, and the source of the audience where they are coming.

It will also allow you to run A/B tests and smart ads so you will be having more efficient campaign results.

It will also save your money because you are targeting the right people so your ad would not be showing to irrelevant people and you don’t lose your money.

Switchy will definitely help you in targeting different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google analytics, based on the user who clicks on your links from a different type of platforms.

Switchy enables your user to click on the link you can click on your link before from any platform.

Switchy Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Shorten, customize, and track your links to boost social media engagement
  • Retarget everyone who clicks on your links with ultra-segmented ads on social media, Google Ads, Quora, and more
  • Manage all your links and UTMs in organized folders with up-to-date analytics
  • Best for: Marketing agencies, advertisers, and growth hackers who want to manage and track their retargeting links.
  • Custom Domain(s)
  • Unlimited Links
  • Links appearance customization (title, description, picture)
  • Link reedition & redirection
  • Custom Slugs
  • UTMs Builder
  • Files Manager
  • Unlimited Retargeting Pixels: Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, Pinterest, AdRoll, Nexus, Snapchat, Google
  • QR Code
  • 10 Team members (coming soon).
  • Lifetime access to Switchy
  • GDPR Popup
  • 404 Redirection
  • Direct Sharing
  • Tags management
  • Link Rotator
  • Geolocation
  • Full tracking – Analytics features
  • Multiple Accounts (coming soon)
  • All future plan updates
  • Stack up to 5 codes.

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