Droptrim Lifetime Deal

Droptrim Lifetime Deal

Droptrim Lifetime Deal۔ See video of visitor activity.

Now you can easily increase your website conversion and see your website visitors’ activity with great detail even like the video just by using one awesome tool with a lifetime deal it mean you need to pay once and never again name drop trim.

It allows you to see where the exact visitor left your website without taking any action,


In this way, you can easily map out the problem turn your visitors into your customer.

It comes in with tons of different tools including heat maps you can easily test out pages on a website and understand easily different parts of your page like which of the most used by a collection of users on your website.

Its session recording is another great way to see your visitor’s journey through your website like what they are doing on your website, where they click when they click, and what they like, and dislike and what they don’t understand.

You can easily see video recorded sessions and see what actually did your visitors on your website.

It also comes with some main highlighting features in which included different information about your website.

In its page section, you will see that how many pages views your website getting on each page of your website.

Similarly, its domain part lets you know that how traffic coming to your website like direct, google, from Facebook, from a different search engine, from youtube, or from other websites.

It also lets you know about countries that how many visitors coming different countries in the world and let you know about them.

Its detail analytics gives you the state of your visitors like from which state of the world or country visitors coming to your website, and it also gives you the zip code of that visitor.

Its most advanced feature also provides you the screen resolution of your visitors so let you know that your visitor’s language all in one dashboard.

It also comes with a reply section which is the best tool which i like the most because it will give you the video of your visitor’s activity on your website and tell that how much time you visitor spends on your website and where they click even with a recorded video.

You can also add your team to it.

It also allows you to integrate your API if you want to use other places.

Droptrim lifetime deal features:

  • 1 Website
  • 300K Page views per month, per website
  • Unlimited B2B website visitor-based leads
  • Unlimited unique Companies per month
  • Unlimited VPN/Proxy visitors detection
  • Unlimited Visitors Events per month, per website (Tracking clicks, form submissions etc on the website)
  • Unlimited CSV export
  • 30 days of Visitor Events Data Retention
  • Unlimited Team members
  • Unlimited Goals tracking limit (Ability to track website goals with the Goals functionality.)
  • 30 days of Session Replays Data Retention
  • 30 mins per Session Replays Time Limit
  • Unlimited Websites Heatmaps
  • Unlimited Session Replays per month, per website
  • Email Reports
  • Lifetime access to Droptrim
  • You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase
  • All future plan updates
  • Please note: This deal is not stackable
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason
    Easily track your website’s visitors and replay their sessions to analyze user behavior
  • Get everything you need to increase website conversion, including analytics, heat maps, session replays, email reports, etc.
  • Gather B2B website visitor-based leads
  • Best for: Online business owners, marketers, product managers, and UX designers

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