YourCharlie Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

YourCharlie Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

YourCharlie Lifetime Deal

Video testimonials are like gold for showing people that your business is awesome. They boost your credibility and make potential customers feel good about choosing you.

But here’s the thing: collecting and showing these testimonials on your website can be a real headache.

That’s where YourCharlie comes in to save the day and make your life easier.

First, you can enter your customers’ info manually or just pop it in from a file.

Next, you can ask your customers up to 5 questions and even send them a friendly welcome video.

Then, you can pick a template message that convinces your customers to make a video testimonial and send it through Gmail, email, or WhatsApp.

Your customers can record their answers in video, one question at a time, using their phone or computer.

YourCharlie automatically makes your video look nice and neat in square or vertical format. You can pop it right onto your website using YourCharlie’s widget.

You can also tweak your requests based on different groups of customers.

And, you can keep track of all your requests in YourCharlie’s customer directory. You can import customer info, send out requests, follow up, or even say thanks. It’s like a superhero command center for your video testimonials.

You can write up to 5 questions for each testimonial and even record a video message to sweet-talk your customers into saying nice things about you.

Plus, we’ve got message templates that you can use to convince your customers, follow up if they don’t respond, or just say thanks.

Then, you can copy a special link or send your message directly through Gmail, email, or WhatsApp.

Now, here’s the really cool part: Your customers don’t need to install any fancy apps. They can just use their phone or computer web browser to record themselves.

They answer your questions one by one in a friendly, easy way. And don’t worry, they give you permission to use their videos.

For each testimonial, you even get a PDF with a timestamp that says you can use it for marketing.

So, if you want hassle-free, awesome video testimonials, give YourCharlie a try. Your customers will love it, and you’ll look amazing on your website!

YourCharlie Lifetime Deal Features:

  • 15 videos (375 credits per month) [credits don’t carry over]
  • Square mounting
  • Vertical mounting
  • Image rights
  • Original files

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