Win Win Bot Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Win Win Bot Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Win Win Bot Lifetime Deal

WinWinBot is a chatbot builder that lets you create interactive online courses and track student progress to boost completion rates. With WinWinBot, you can launch your own chatbot and directly communicate with students via text or voice messages.

Design high-quality lessons using the intuitive drag-and-drop builder—all without having to configure integrations with other platforms.

You’ll be able to send and access educational materials like dialogues, longreads, and courses from one convenient dashboard.

That means that you can combine all your educational materials into a course curriculum for easy sharing with students and subscribers.

Manage and interact with students through a messenger-style chatbot designed for course creators.
WinWinBot has a mobile-friendly interface, so you can easily track student progress and guide them through their coursework.

Deliver lengthy texts, articles, and lessons with vibrant designs via templates to encourage students to read from start to finish.

You’ll be able to create and accept homework and view all past assignments, making document management a total breeze.

Say goodbye to managing multiple files on different platforms, because you can view videos, webinars, shops, paid subscriptions, and proposals right from WinWinBot’s dashboard.

WinWinBot offers a mobile-friendly interface, so you can help students complete coursework on the go.
Best of all, WinWinBot is packed with built-in content protection that prevents your materials from being shared or downloaded without permission.

Design automated series of messages delivered in a certain sequence instead of sending the same responses over and over again.

You’ll even be able to provide individualized, one-on-one feedback to each student through the chatbot.

And because bots can follow interactive scripts based on users’ responses, students can easily find the resources they need even when you’re not around.

Use built-in content protection features to prohibit your content from being downloaded.
With WinWinBot, you can launch tests and quizzes with time limits and gamification features, making your coursework fun and engaging.

Pretests allow the chatbot to measure the level of proficiency of each student and define the learning curve they need to complete the session.

Create knowledge tests and apply a wide range of scoring models, as well as grant access to the next lesson only after its completion.

You’ll also be able to apply different scenarios based on students’ answers, or add a time limit to increase test difficulty. Assign knowledge tests and assessments with gamification features to evaluate your students’ knowledge.

Win Win Bot Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Money-back guarantee! Regardless of the reason.
  • Chat channels: Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Viber
  • 100% mobile-friendly interface
  • Drag-and-drop lessons and longreads builder with content protection
  • Dialog-flow, test, quiz, and poll builder
  • Bulk messaging, automation, and conversation scripts
  • 1-on-1 chats with subscribers
  • Analytics and statistics with UTM support
  • Unlimited bot subscription pages and links
  • Any content type: text, files, images, audio, videos, and voice messages
  • Stripe payment integration (including recurring billing)
  • Referral system for bot’s subscribers
  • Unlimited YouTube and other third-party video embedding
  • Unlimited chatbots
  • 25,000 bot subscribers
  • API and webhooks
  • Custom domain support for chatbots
  • Remove WinWinBot branding from pages
  • Up to 10 GB protected video storage (100 GB bandwidth limit)
  • Multi-user access with user roles (up to 25 users total)

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